No Surprises with Recent Privacy Breach


Media Release

Monday, October 15th, 12:00


The recent revelation that beneficiaries sensitive information was publicly available fits within MSD’s general cavalier attitude when it comes to privacy.” Says Auckland Action Against Poverty Spokesperson Chris Zack


Paula Bennet and MSD have shown in the past that they are more than willing to part with the private information of those on benefits and we are worried this is a continuation of this general lack of concern”


MSD’s lack of concern for privacy is very evident in the fact they were even informed of this breach a year earlier by a very respected beneficiary advocate.”


We believe privacy breaches of this type will become more frequent if or when the second wave of welfare reforms are implemented.”


MSD will soon have the power to oblige any beneficiary to attend an external contractor or face sanctions. These can include W.I doctors, work ability testing or budgeting services. External contractors are often private companies who may not have stringent privacy controls and the sheer amount of private information involved means we could expect more breaches of this sort.”


MSD’s relaxed attitude towards privacy is a reflection of their general lack of concern for beneficiaries rights and we believe current and proposed welfare reform is only reinforcing this dangerous attitude.”




For more information contact;


Chris Zack 021 233 5938, spokesperson for AAAP