Youth rates no solution to unemployment – AAAP joins Pak N Save picket


Media release – Wednesday 1 May 2013

Youth rates no solution to unemployment – AAAP joins Pak N Save picket

Auckland Action Against Poverty is joining a FIRST Union picket outside the Royal Oak Pak n Save at Manukau Rd at 8.30am this morning.

The store is trying to introduce youth rates in line with the new law which comes into effect today.

Paying young workers $11 an hour will not help create jobs,” says AAAP spokesperson Sarah Thompson.

We know that as time goes by older workers will simply be displaced by younger ones at lower wages, shuffling people on and off the dole queue.

It’s also unacceptable that under the new law 18 and 19 year olds may be forced on to youth rates if they have been on the benefit for six months or more.

If any company can afford to pay proper wages, it’s Pak n Save, which at Royal Oak might be more aptly named ‘Pak n Slave’.

These Pak n Saves are enormous money spinners for their owners.”

This particular store can certainly afford to pay its workers more than $11 an hour.

AAAP also supports the demand by Royal Oak workers for more than a nil wage rise this year, which is all their employer is offering.

It’s grossly unfair that profitable companies like this are making the most of a business friendly government to keep wages as low as possible.

AAAP is an activist advocacy group made up of unemployed workers, beneficiaries, students, low wage workers and others who support our kaupapa of decent jobs and a living wage for all.