Pak’n’Save Picket Gets Results

On May 1st and 2nd Auckland Action Against Poverty joined FIRST Union in a picket against Royal Oak and Manukau Pak’n’Save.

On the 1st of May the recent law changes around youth rates came into effect, and Royal Oak Pak’n’Save had stated they planned on taking advantage of these exploitative slave wages.

AAAP also supported the demand by Royal Oak workers for more than a nil wage rise this year, which was all their employer was offering.

Pak'n'Save? More like Pak'n'SLAVE!

Pak’n’Save? More like Pak’n’SLAVE!

On the 2nd of May we supported the workers at Manukau Pak’n’Save, who this year have been offered 0% pay rise, and have to cope with the 90-day rule, which can see new employees fired at anytime in the first three months on the job.

The ripples of our protest spread to Glen Innes, where individual store owners try to distance themselves from youth rates and the stores that exploit youth workers.

These pickets have created positive results for the workers thus far.  All companies involved have entered into more positive talks with the workers and FIRST Union.  Several supermarket stores have withdrawn claims for the 90-day rule and youth rates, and further stores have indicated that they may do the same, as a direct result of our actions.  Beyond this, some Pak’n’Save stores have been seen to post public declarations, distancing themselves from youth rates.  A number of the stores that have been bargaining with FIRST Union have also stated that they are changing their advocate and bargaining style to be more positive and conducive for a collective agreement.  All of this has happened as a result of the pickets we carried out in conjunction with FIRST Union.

Direct action gets results, and AAAP will continue to fight against unfair policies, such as youth rates and the 90-day rule.