Safer Communities Without Bennett

Media release Tuesday 18 June 2013

Safer Communities Without Bennett

Auckland Action Against Poverty will picket Paula Bennett’s hypocritical public meeting entitled ‘Safer Communities’, at her office, 429 Great North Road, Henderson. The protest will begin at 6:40pm this evening, Tuesday 18 June.

Bennett is one of the biggest threats to our community, says Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson Sarah Thompson.

“Bennett’s welfare reforms do nothing to address the ‘drivers of crime’, instead they make things worse for vulnerable parents and children by implementing sanctions and destroying the trusting relationships between parents and healthcare providers.

“Poverty is violence and the latest stage of welfare reforms will only increase this twofold.

“Many of Bennett’s reforms have already failed overseas and the sanctions proposed have the potential to result in an increase in theft, drug dealing, homelessness and domestic violence.

“In addition, increased poverty can lead to poor health, decreased self-esteem and depression.

“Specialist evidence from the Ministry of Health, the NZ Drug Foundation, the Children’s Commissioner and the disability sector has highlighted that the latest wave of welfare reforms will significantly harm those who receive government assistance.

“We will be sending Paula Bennett a loud message, letting her know that poverty is violence, and our communities would be safer without her and her welfare reforms.”

Auckland Action Against Poverty invites everyone who shares our concerns about the safety of our communities to join us in our picket this evening. Media welcome.