National barbeques while welfare burns: Picket today at Nat’s Xmas BBQ


Media release Sunday 8 December

National barbeques while welfare burns: Picket today at Nat’s Xmas BBQ

 Today John Key and the National Party are holding a Christmas BBQ at the Auckland Grammar Old Boys Pavilion.

 Auckland Action Against Poverty will be paying them a visit, with a picket from 6.00pm – Gate 4, Mountain Road, Epsom.

 “Christmas is traditionally a time to reflect back on the achievements of the past year,” says AAAP spokesperson Sarah Thompson.

 “For National, their 2013 ‘achievements’ include creating yet more draconian rules for beneficiaries; eroding the rights of our most vulnerable; attacking women and parenting; and blaming the unemployed for the Government’s failure to create jobs.

 “The result is widespread despair, inadequate standards of living and – as the latest UNICEF report has shown – ongoing poverty, particularly for sole parents and Maori and Pasifika.

 “These are not great achievements and John Key and his mates at the Party for the Rich should not be celebrating. So today we are going to let them know that they must be held accountable for their war on the poor. Their party has gone on far too long already.”