Government ignores its responsibility to lower unemployment.

Auckland Action Against Poverty




Government ignores its responsibility to lower unemployment.


Statistics New Zealand figures released today show that unemployment remains at 6 percent.


“The government continues to have total blind and uncaring faith in a free market solution to unemployment. The government refuses to act,” says Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson, Alastair Russell.


In Auckland unemployment rose to 7.3 percent up from 6.3 percent.


Next week the Minister of Finance will deliver his Budget. “I confidently predict there will be no meaningful employment creation within the budget. Offering 1000 beneficiaries money to go to Christchurch simply does not cut it,” says Mr. Russell.


“There will be nothing to address the needs of the unemployed or the low paid. We have no ability to buy into the Cabinet Club, we have no Cabinet Minister friends or spouses to intervene on our behalf.”


“Poverty is a reality for hundreds of thousands throughout New Zealand.  A government which ignores the plight of so many and only listens to the wealthy has no legitimacy,” says Mr. Russell.