DAC Advocacy

Our Advocacy Programme

Direct Action Casework Advocacy is what Auckland Action Against Poverty call the actions we take with people to challenge and overcome unjust treatment. It is a combination of legal work and advocacy with protest and direct action. We focus specifically on welfare issues relating to Work and Income.

We aim to empower those we work with, rather than simply provide a service. It is about making connections with people: providing support and building a community of people who are struggling against injustices. What makes us different is that we are focused on fighting for political change and a reversal of harmful government welfare reform.

AAAP will work with you to:

  • offer advice and information
  • ensure you're receiving your full entitlements
  • receive Food Grants and other essential items 
  • resolve Work and Income disputes

You can contact us Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm Ph 09 634 0591 contact@aaap.org.nz